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Zayn Malik’s Decision of Leaving 1D Created an Outrage on Social Media

One Direction, the English-Irish pop boy band that started with Five young boys who couldn’t make it to X-Factor individually though were put to together as a five-piece boy band for the competition are now left with just Four of them. Sadly, Zayn Malik has officially left the Band and …

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All You Gotta Know About Section 66A

According to the Section 66A of the Information Technology Act, 2000:
Punishment for sending offensive messages through communication service, etc.
66A. Any person who sends, by means of a computer resource or a communication device,-
(a) any information that is grossly offensive or has…

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#Bingpredicts and Cricket World Cup 2015

The cricket world cup 2015 has become the most talked about topic on social networks pages of big brands and the top followed pages. Now the cricket fans can know the status of field from their news feed or from the tweets.

The topic has helped these brands to earn lot of new followers on…

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Relationships are a vital part of human beings, we need relationships in every aspect of our lives but there are always some factors that affect them. We live in a technology-dependent world where we give most of our time to social networking sites and that is really changing our relationships…

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Top 5 impactful social media infographics

You must have heard about infographics and seen a few as well. They are the latest fad in the digital world. If you want to introduce a new concept along with some statistical data representation, illustrate the same in form of an infographics. Nicely created infographics are catchy and…

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VW – People’s car; People’s Choice

Cars have always fascinated the mankind. Earlier, car was a style statement,a luxurious ambition but now it has become a necessity of all classes. Some countries have mastered the car manufacturing business. Germany is one among them. The German Volkswagen Group rules the car market.

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Social media developed really fast over the past decade. There was so much hope and promise from this new networking to connect people, still there is but over the time, it became something of a mainline drug into the limbic system. Which has led to extremes of panic reactions, depression,…

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